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Isn't it boring to do the same things every time?

Maybe it's time to try something new. But should you rely on websites that orient everyone to the same places? A comment is only useful if the person providing it likes the same things you do.

It's great for you, but is it for your friends?

Have you ever spent hours looking for the perfect activity but turned out none of your friends were down for it? That time is only well spent if that research also take what they like into account.

And if they still don't want to go?

Do you give up? Or do you look for others that would love to go? You may not know them, but you can share the same passion, the same desire, and that is more precious than anything.


Based on your mood, Follow the right path, Of trustworthy Pathers. Share your uniqueness, and ou'll remember it forever.

  • Based on your mood...

    We take your mood into consideration and only suggest the activities that you might like at the moment.

  • Follow the right path...

    Your Path is made of the activities you plan to do. Create it from scratch or draw inspiration from existing ones.

  • Of pathers trustworthy...

    We only show you the paths that were created or tested by users that look like you and your friends.

  • Share your uniqueness...

    Your path is unique. Share it with your Friends and other pathers with similar desires.

  • You'll remember it forever.

    The little shops, the little bars and clubs where you had a great time will now always stay within your reach.

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